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Qu QiuBai School of Government was founded in March 2017. At present, the school has two undergraduate departments: Department of Social Work and Department of Public Affairs, three scientific research institutions: Social Governance and Public Policy Research Center, Changzhou Youth Development Research Center, Law and Sociology Research Center. As of Dec. 2016, the total number of faculty and staff members of the school is 20, of ...

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Department of social work
Social Work Department was upgraded in 2007 from Social Work Teaching and Research Centor founded in 2004. it is committed to cultivate applied and specialized talents with basic theoretical knowledge of social work, social investigation skills and social work ability. Together with the Trade Unions, the Youth League, Women's Federations ...
Department of Public Affairs
Department of Public Affairs holds the educational philosophy of cultivating all-round competence in students with strong public spirit and sense of social responsibility, with modern management theory, technology and method and have strong leadership, communicative skills and coordination ability in the field of public affairs ...